Recordings by Dark

This page contains a number of reviews made by the popular database manager Dark.
They are all in mp3 format, and contain extensive commentary throughout play.
If you have feedback on these recordings, you can contact:
dark at x g a m dot org.

BG Hearts

This is a demonstration recorded for the Blind cool tech podcast in 2006.
Download/play (27.82mb).

Reviews for

These 2009 recordings were made for the accessible game base podcast, and contain examples of multiple titles in each.
Download/play audiogames examples (34.22mb).
Download/play low vision examples (25.79mb).

Fighting Fantacy Project

This review was also done for Blind Cool Tech, and discusses the Fighting Fantacy site
Download/play (36.25mb).

King of Dragon Pass

This is an extensive explanation and explanation of the King of Dragon Pass game for IOS.
Download/play (91.1mb).

Smugglers 3

This 2008 recording demonstrates Smugglers 3.
Download/play (61.51mb).

Smugglers 5

Recorded in 2014, this recording demonstrates Smugglers 5, a sequel to Smugglers 3.
Download/play (68.59mb).

X Hour

This is a 2007 review of VIP Gamezone's xHour title.
Download/play (40.53mb).