Recordings by Brendan Smith

This page contains game reviews and recordings created by Brendan Smith. Many include commentary from Lauren Downie and others.

These are all in mp3 format, though some multipart recordings have been packaged as zip files.


Swamp 2012

Swamp birthday celebration

This is a recording done to celebrate Swamp's one-year birthday.

It includes an impressive amount of content, including an interview with Aprone.

Swamp 2013

Blastbay Studios

Christmas special

This is a recording of Kringle Crash and Palace Punch-up.

Perilous Hearts

Code Factory: Time Adventures

Dragon Apps: the Road to Rage

This is a two part walkthrough of an early version of The Road to Rage, including an interview with the developer.

Game Madness Interactive: Battlezone

Ian Reed: Tactical Battle

Jim Kitchen: Awesome Homer

Sound RTS



This is a recording of an online game.

While a microphone is active, it is primarily sound only.

VG Storm: Adventure at C: