Games by Mason Armstrong

This section contains a number of free games created by Mason Armstrong.

These span numerous genres, and include a large collection of open source and concept projects.

As of June 2018, we can now accept submissions of Mason's games. There are still some limitations on which we will be able to host, but if you have some of his games not listed here, feel free to get in touch.

2D Platformer

Old Beta Versions

This is an archive of two beta versions of 2D Platformer, versions 0.1 and 0.53.



This is more a collection of random small games and features than a traditional casino.

Crime Hunter

Crime Hunter Concept Demo

Endless Runner

Run along an endless platform, while doing your best to avoid customizable obstacles.

Game Machine

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Open Source Projects

This is a package containing about 25 different products.


  • Scrolling Battles 0.4

    Scrolling Battles rewrite

    Scrolling Battles is a side-scrolling arcade game where the player battles endless waves of enemies by moving, jumping, and attacking with an array of upgradeable weapons. As the high-intensity combat progresses across randomly generated levels, the player earns cash to strengthen their character and unlock additional customization options, mini-games, and creative tools to keep replayability frantic and fun.