Website abuse

Some archive users have been behaving poorly over the past month. This site is not free to maintain, and it is the responsibility of you, our users, to do your part in minimizing the load you place on it. We appreciate all those of you who download only when you need to.

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Throughout the month of June, we found ourselves experiencing extremely high bandwidth usage, averaging five times what would otherwise have been normal for the site. This traffic spiked on the 26th when an address, which we have traced to Vietnam, began downloading the Adventure at C Remnant package in a constant loop for three hours straight. By the end of this period, they had managed to consume 1.3 terabytes of bandwidth. Including the other such traffic spikes, we used 2.55 terabytes of bandwidth in a month, 10 times what is normal.

This abuse of the site has come at a significant financial cost. Ever since the site was first launched, it has been a design choice not to limit our users ability to download, not to throttle connections, and generally to let you use the site however you choose to. However, these privileges were granted with an understanding they would not be abused, and that everyone would respect the shared nature of the server. Up until now, a period of nearly three years, everything has gone smoothly, and we have been able to provide what we believe has been a valuable service to the audiogames community.

At this point, we do not have any intention of placing limits on our users. The primary offending users have been banned, and if our traffic returns to normal, we see no reason to take further action. However, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. Please respect that this site is provided to you free of charge and without limits, and act as if you were the one incurring the cost for its use.

If you feel the need to consume a significant amount of bandwidth, such as making a full personal copy of the archive, you should contact us first. While some users have done this previously without adverse effect, we will be watching for traffic spikes more closely now, and if not alerted in advance, may take action to remove your access to the site.

Welcome to the audiogames archive.

Welcome to the audiogames archive, a repository of audiogames, both old and new.
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Useful resources


Before browsing for titles, we highly recommend you install the free 7-zip archiver. Many of the titles we host have been packaged in 7z format, and you will be unable to access them without 7-zip or an equally capable application. You can find 7-zip at:

Visual Basic runtimes

Many older titles were originally written in Visual Basic 6, which is no longer officially supported. Therefore, you may have difficulty running them on modern systems. Several games come packaged with the runtime files required, but if you'd prefer to just install the runtimes directly, you can find a comprehensive package here on Source Forge.

A note about actively developed games

The archive includes some games that are under active development. When you download them, we strongly recommend you use the developer's website, as our version will likely be out of date.

For more information, check out our FAQ section.

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