Welcome to the audiogames archive.

Welcome to the audiogames archive, a repository of audiogames, both old and new.
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Before browsing for titles, we highly recommend you install the free 7-zip archiver. Many of the titles we host have been packaged in 7z format, and you will be unable to access them without 7-zip or an equally capable application. You can find 7-zip at:

Visual Basic runtimes

Many older titles were originally written in Visual Basic 6, which is no longer officially supported. Therefore, you may have difficulty running them on modern systems. Several games come packaged with the runtime files required, but if you'd prefer to just install the runtimes directly, you can find a comprehensive package here on Source Forge.

A note about actively developed games

The archive includes some games that are under active development. When you download them, we strongly recommend you use the developer's website, as our version will likely be out of date.

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